Reference report

Stefan Krüger, sales representative

What made you decide to use mobile order entry software?
My colleagues and I are an association of several sales representatives. For us, the following considerations were key:
How can we organise our sales more efficiently and customer-oriented? How can we access all the information relevant to us at the customer's site? How can we generate orders virtually in real time and transmit them to our suppliers? The mobile order entry app nexti App seemed to us to be the perfect solution.

What were the decision criteria for you in selecting the solution?
First and foremost, we were looking for a compact software that was tailored to our specific needs. For example, we chose an iPad app that works without an internet connection. This was important to us because not every customer has a good connection. The fact that the app is easy to use was also a priority for us. After all, we are sales representatives and not IT specialists.

What challenges did you face during the transition/introduction?
We were able to start working successfully with the nexti App very quickly.
Of course, we had to deal with how to import the customer and product data, or with building an image database.
But in hindsight, every minute invested translates into hard cash. In addition, nexti support assisted us with the implementation.

What are the benefits of using it now?
I always have everything with me that is important at the customer’s site. I can present all products via the nexti App, with photos or sometimes videos. In the morning I don't have to think about whether I have everything with me and I don't have to carry catalogues anymore. A huge advantage is that the order is already completed at the customer. So our suppliers get the order before we are even out the door. The customer gets a clean order confirmation and we as sales representatives get a receipt for documentation. This frees up your mind for the next customer and eliminates the need for time-consuming rework.

Almost more importantly: The order can often be picked on the same day and the goods arrive earlier at the customer. This speeds up sales and we avoid out-of-stock situations.

Do you use the order entry app at trade fairs?
Yes – and that's really great! We still remember the times when we drove home from trade fairs with thick folders full of order forms that had to be filed. That's history for us, because we finish the job right at the show, with all the extras. Discounts and conditions, for example, can easily be entered in advance and created separately. In this way, no errors occur during subsequent entry and the customer has the order confirmation in his mailbox right away. In addition, the app's numerous functions and areas of application ideally complement the sales documents that have been available up to now.

Your conclusion?
It is simply no longer possible to imagine field service without the possibilities offered by the nexti App. Anyone who has experienced the numerous benefits in everyday sales will wonder why they didn't start sooner.
Many of us have been in the industry for 15 or 20 years and we are sure: There are no more powerful tools for us than tablets with the right app.