Reference report

Ospa Apparatebau Pauser GmbH & Co.KG/
Mr. Joachim Straube

What made you decide to use mobile order entry software?
For us it was crucial that the software is flexible and configurable. We can “programme” the dialog design and the middleware ourselves.

What were the deciding criteria for you when selecting the solution?
The nexti software mapped our functional requirements very well. We want to control the app, the data display in the app, and the mapping of what data from the app ends up where in the ERP, and not have to pay for every little change.

What challenges did you face during the transition/introduction?
Streamlining over 30 customer service members, away from the order block to a mobile system, the further support and training of the customer service staff during the implementation was complex.

What are the benefits of using it now?
Service reports are charged on the same day or the following day at the latest. The data and PDFs end up directly in the ERP or archiving system, nothing more has to be entered manually.

Your conclusion?
After a lead time of about 9 months (decision for nexti software until the first start) a trial phase was started with 8 customer service members. After a few months of using the nexti App, none of the now 32 customer service staff members would want to do without it. A lot of things are very simple and intuitive to use. Above all, the customer service staff has all the information about the customer, equipment file, spare parts, etc. available on the iPad. We would make our decision the same way again and again!