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Gustav Gerig AG/Marcel Holenstein

Reduction of workload and more time for sales work:
With the nexti App – app for mobile order entry, GUSTAV GERIG AG, as an established marketing and sales organisation of consumer goods and raw materials in the Swiss food market, obtained an efficient tool to support its sales staff.

A significant reduction in order entry workload and more time for sales work and customer retention: These are the goals of GUSTAV GERIG AG.

The advantages of mobile order entry are obvious. Less paperwork, less rework to enter orders, and no more heavy catalogues. That's because the iPad replaces all the documents you used to carry with you: Product catalogue, information on discounts and special conditions, and the customer database are available on the tablet PC. In addition, the recorded orders are immediately transferred to the company's merchandise management system.

“It's amazing how much time we save on order entry. Now we can devote ourselves even more to customer retention and customer acquisition,” says Marcel Holenstein, Head of IT & Logistics at GUSTAV GERIG AG. “In addition, the very short training of our field staff was a definite plus of this integration. The intuitive user interface speaks for itself.”