Reference report

D.u.E. Günther GmbH/Mr. Markus Scherbaum

What made you decide to use mobile order entry software?
Why did we decide to look for a mobile order entry solution? Our group of companies has a total of about 100,000 items in its assortment. There are some obvious difficulties: our sales representatives always had to lug a lot of catalogues to the customer. Accordingly, it took a long time to find certain items in the catalogues. In addition, the sales representatives almost never had current prices for each item – this is almost impossible with this quantity of items and involves effort=time. So you often had to check with the office staff, which in turn cost you twice as much time. However, the decision for the right supplier was a bit steep because we had a few special requests due to the large quantity of items. It was important to us that our employees out at the customer's site only see the “customer items” in the store area of mobile order entry. For example: we have 20 soup ladles in our offer, but the customer should only be offered the soup ladles that he has always ordered.

What were the decision criteria for you in selecting the solution?
We asked for some offers, but did not find a solution on the market that would have met our requirements in the standard. On the other hand, pure customised programming would have been too expensive for us.

What are the benefits of using it now?
Nexti extended their app nexti App for us just the way we needed it. And at a reasonable price. The nexti App comes with a lot of advantages already: the app works offline, which is really valuable. Because not every customer has an internet connection. In addition, the operation is very simple and our products are presented in a structured way.
Now we benefit from the app itself and the customisations that were made for us.

Your conclusion?
Our sales representatives no longer have to carry catalogues and have all the information they need about the customer or the products at their fingertips.