Reference report

Williamson-Dickie Europe GmbH/Mr. Torben Nöckel

What made you decide to use mobile order entry software?
The issue of saving time was one of the most important arguments for introducing mobile order entry.

What were the decision criteria for you in selecting the solution?
It should be a visually appealing and easy-to-use tool for order entry. These requirements were best met by the nexti App compared to other programs. In addition, the first contact left a lasting positive impression.

What challenges did you face during the transition/introduction?
Due to the structuring of the CSV data, initial difficulties arose because any data was created manually. The manual was very helpful in this ☺

What advantages do you have now with the use?
With nexti App we now have the possibility to process any customer needs of orders, complaints, placement suggestions, etc. quickly and easily directly with the customer.
In addition, we can now give our customers an immediate answer regarding the ability to deliver or else back orders.