Reference report

AdHoc Entwicklung und Vertrieb GmbH/
Mr. Armin H. Enders

What made you decide to use mobile order entry software?

Good customer service is a significant success criterion in customer relations in today's competitive environment. High-quality customer service includes a functioning delivery process with fast delivery times and smooth order processing.

We have 10 sales representatives who visit numerous customers every day and generate orders. In the past, the sales force faxed us the orders in the evening or at the weekend. As a result, we were only able to process the orders with a considerable time delay.
We are also present at many order fairs as an exhibitor. Preparing a trade fair is already time-consuming. The trade fairs themselves are exciting and very labour-intensive. But the real work used to start AFTER the trade fair. Because then we first had to record the orders with our EDP. This had to be done by the office staff mostly during day-to-day business and as a result, the recording often took a week or longer.
You know how it is: not everyone writes legibly, sometimes numbers are written crosswise on the order block, the orders can not be assigned because the marking is missing, missing prices, etc. Accordingly delayed the deliveries went out.

Due to our steady growth, we wanted to further improve our service process without, however, increasing the personnel expenses for this. So we were looking for a solution that would allow us to optimise the ordering process from order generation to further processing within our company.

What are the benefits of using it now?

Today, we receive the orders created by our field service on the road directly into our EDP in a timely manner and we can process them directly. These can often be shipped the same day.
During trade fairs, the first orders can be sent while the fair is still running. That's great! We have almost no more follow-up work on the orders. In the past, it took several days after the trade fair until the goods could be shipped.
Our delivery processes work much better since the introduction of the nexti App! Our lead and processing times have been reduced and consequently the cost per order. In the office, we process significantly more orders with the same number of employees.
Our field service can make qualitative statements about the availability of items and order size directly in the customer meeting, and the customer can plan much better with the goods. The better informative value also increases the acceptance of the field service towards the customers.

Your conclusion?

The introduction of the nexti App has enabled us to improve our internal processes and make an important contribution to increasing our competitiveness.
To our customers, we present ourselves as a modern, efficient and reliable supplier, which is characterised not only by good products, but also by good customer and delivery service.